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Royal Plastic Tanks Solution

Why We Saving Water

Due to low rainfall in Southern Africa caused by severe global climate changes which accelerated by our daily activities such as pollution, which has the negative effect on our weather system. Royal Plastic Tanks solution provides conservation measures to save every rain droplet to fight the water scarcity in our vicinity, mostly in the rural area.

10 000 Litre Tanks for sale



Height: 1545mm
Diameter: 1500mm
Lid Size:460mm


Lid Size:460mm

10 000L

Lid Size:460mm

Why Our Water Tanks

When making water tanks, we spared no expense when it came to the buying of materials or getting only the most qualified people to do the job right the first time. All our plastic products for sale are prototyped in South Africa. This puts us ahead of our competitors and ensures client satisfaction at all times. We have a well-built reputation as the leading plastic manufacturers due to our unyielding dedication to our clients and service excellence.

Our Focus Area

  • Housing development
  • Portable water/drinking water
  • Housing development
  • Construction industries
  • Mining industries
  • Rural areas
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